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 (prĕsh′ənt, -ē-ənt, prē′shənt, -shē-ənt)
1. Of or relating to prescience.
2. Possessing prescience.

[French, from Old French, from Latin praesciēns, praescient-, present participle of praescīre, to know beforehand : prae-, pre- + scīre, to know; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

pre′scient·ly adv.
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Adv.1.presciently - with foresight; "more presciently than they superiors, these workers grasped the economic situation"
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And, he added presciently, "We have a lot to look forward to with our football program in 2019."
Presciently sensing the threat, Afridi advocated for a much more secular education as opposed to pure Madrassah training.
In one business-case example, a cultivations operator was looking to build a $20 million facility before a board member presciently asked for clarity about what position they might find themselves in a few years later, once its state's full-use program was to be activated.
His mother was furious (presciently so), but Ned knew that life could not always be faced with fear.
In 2004, he presciently argued that there was a trade-off between increased diversity from mass migration and social solidarity, particularly the welfare state.
The author uses the presciently written book, an autobiography, to explain what the war did to the psych of everyday men and women who participated, or were victims of the war.
It was in Prague, my home base, where the Hungarian-born financier began as a backer of good causes by presciently supporting Charter 77, the pro-democracy movement led by the dissident playwright Vaclav Havel.
In other words, as Alic presciently noted nearly two decades ago, if service work leads to low pay and little advancement for workers, it's an absence of policy interventions that hold businesses accountable, not an individual skill mismatch, to blame.
and the selection colors eye shadow, a purple-color palette that presciently anticipated the Pantone Color for 2018, called Ultra Violet.
Powell later proposed, presciently, policies for the development of the West.
He said the Quaid e Azam had presciently foreseen this when he told an American journalist in 1948 that 'Pakistan would be the pivot of the world, placed at the frontier where the future politics of the world will revolve'.