n.1.See Presension.
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and Peter Quittenbaum, "Innovative Test Methods and Facilities for Predictive Pedestrian Protection," Presention at 23rd International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV), paper 13-0377, South Korea, July 2015.
Due to the variation in presention, the specific tendon transfer procedure must be selected to suit each individual hand to optimise the outcome.
Richard and Adam at the cheque presention |with the fundraisers and representatives for NCAR
David Veyna, of the Silicon Valley/San Jose Chapter, intently listens to a presention on creating an ethical culture in the workplace, given by Meredith Johnson of Burr Pilger Mayer.
com to create a dynamic online presention for his Baller invention.
4) There is wide range at presention and most common symptoms are epistaxis and headache, as observed in our case.
it has been decided to immediately stop the work of the Arab League's mission to Syria pending presention of the issue to the League's council," Elaraby said in a statement.
From the above mentioned, the importance of quality presention on the website could be clearly indicated.
Effectiveness of Haemophilus influenzae type B conjugate vaccine on presention of pneumonia and meningitis in Bangladesh children: a use control study.