Clinton administration

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Noun1.Clinton administration - the executive under President Clinton
executive - persons who administer the law
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While drone strikes date back to the presidency of Bill Clinton, and were employed to a significant extent in Afghanistan and Pakistan under President George W.
of New York Empire State College) argues that the presidency of Bill Clinton marked a watershed "in terms of its demonstrated awareness of global women's disadvantaged status, recognition of liberal feminist prescriptions to address global women's immediate and strategic needs and incorporation of those feminist prescriptions into U.
Do they forget so easily America's stance in the long negotiations with the North - negotiations that began during the presidency of Bill Clinton, arguably his one foreign policy near success?
8 September 2011 - Erskine Bowles, White House chief of staff during the presidency of Bill Clinton, has been given a board seat at social networking champion Facebook, the Financial Times reported.
Geithner was long considered a top contender for the post, along with Lawrence, or "Larry" Summers, a former treasury secretary during the presidency of Bill Clinton.