President's Day

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Pres·i·dent's Day

(prĕz′ĭ-dənts, -dĕnts)
The third Monday in February, observed in the United States in honor of a US president, especially George Washington.
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Bokamoso 'PenenePonono' Nthompe has won this year's President's Day Competitions in the comedy category, the title he won in 2017.
Historically, the odds of meaningful stock outperformance among homebuilders from President's Day through Memorial Day "effectively drops to a 50/50 proposition," Horne tells investors.
? Richard Lyons, president of Old Padeswood Golf Club, handing Keith Smith the President's Day trophy GOLF A BUSY day of competitions has taken place at Old Padeswood Golf Club.
The interior minister was speaking at a formal ceremony held at the US Embassy to celebrate the US National Day and the President's Day on February 22 .
Over the long President's Day weekend, the current president complained about the previous one.
on Friday, February 16 (President's Day) and Monday, February 19 (School Institute Day).
Eight teams took part in the Lady President's Day at Lockerbie Ice Rink ONTHURSDAY.
If I may, I would like to make a few but important points about President's Day and pro-lifers.
( Not My President's Day Rallies: There's always the alt-presidents day weekend celebration approach: A rally.
So in 1968, Congress voted to shift Washington's birthday and celebrate it as President's Day to honor Abraham Lincoln and other Presidents as well.
The United States Embassy in Manila and its affiliated offices will be closed on Monday, February 15, as it observes President's Day, an American holiday.
HISTORY was made at Rhos-on-Sea when a mother and her son took the respective honours in the club's President's Day competitions.

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