President Bush

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Noun1.President Bush - 43rd President of the United StatesPresident Bush - 43rd President of the United States; son of George Herbert Walker Bush (born in 1946)
2.President Bush - vice president under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (born in 1924)
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On behalf of our nation, I salute my predecessor, President Bush, for his half-century of service to America.
On January 10, 2007, President Bush, in a prime-time address to the nation, lobbied for his new Iraq War policy, which included more troops and strengthening the interior borders of Iraq.
I commend President Bush for recognizing past mistakes in Iraq and for outlining new steps on the military, economic, and political fronts.
Every forty-five days, President Bush has been issuing Executive Orders saying that it is within his authority to bypass the FISA court.
President Bush has flouted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) for five years by directing the National Security Agency to target American citizens on American soil for electronic surveillance on his say-so alone.
President Bush, a practising Christian, opened the door to debate on August 2 when he commented to reporters that he believed both evolution and intelligent design should be taught in schools "so people can understand what the debate is about.
President Bush has made a fundamental judgment that our relations with India will be central to the future success of American foreign policy in South Asia and around the world.
Of course, we all clearly remember when President Bush said, "You're either with us or against us in the fight against terrorism.
In June 2002, President Bush set a national goal of creating 5.
The leader of Britain's biggest business group has urged President Bush to use 'political courage' to help create a better world following his election victory.
If the process of rebuilding the war-torn nation seems to be on the right track, President Bush could secure a second term.