President Carter

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Noun1.President Carter - 39th President of the United States (1924-)President Carter - 39th President of the United States (1924-)
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The post Former US President Carter hospitalised over dehydration in Canada appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Again huge crowds looked on as President Carter planted a tulip tree on Washington Green.
President Carter said the Bill would "change the balance from protecting those who exploit others through purchasing sex, towards protecting those who are being exploited".
President Carter toured ZTE s Research and Development Center in Shanghai, home to some of the company s most significant technology research projects in telecommunications networks and devices.
The book includes a foreword by President Carter, historical context, genealogical research tips, acknowledgment of still-to-be solved mysteries, previously unpublished photographs, the wills of several ancestors, and a bibliography.
Our first contact with President Carter was when he sent us a message of support when we started the three-year restoration of the house in 2005.
Former President Carter is traveling in a strict private capacity,'' acting deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters, adding Carter will not carry any message from the administration of President Barack Obama.
After President Carter lost the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan, he was at a loss as to what he should do with the rest of his life.
In two days, president Carter will arrive and I will receive him and will give him and his centre permission to go to any area of Sudan and to monitor any area in Sudan," Bashir told a rally north of Sudan.
President Carter is in Lebanon to monitor the election and the formation of the next government for the Carter Center, the organization that the former president founded with his wife Rosalynn in 1982 that works to strengthen democratic institutions throughout the world.
He spoke of the state of the American economy under President Carter as "a major tragedy for the American family".