President Coolidge

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Noun1.President Coolidge - elected vice president and succeeded as 30th President of the United States when Harding died in 1923 (1872-1933)President Coolidge - elected vice president and succeeded as 30th President of the United States when Harding died in 1923 (1872-1933)
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When President Coolidge sparked an economic boom by cutting federal spending, the temporary export boom to Europe, plus the insane easy-money policy of the Federal Reserve, during an economic expansion transformed a normal economic expansion into an economic boom on steroids.
As President Coolidge once said, "We review the past not in order that we may return to it but that we may find in what direction, straight and clear, it points into the future."
In a final six-page typed letter to President Coolidge, dated January 25, 1926, Reverend Thompson again stressed that his son's life should be spared because he was "mentally incompetent." The theme of this letter was that the younger Thompson was "abnormal" when it came to girls.
There was hope that the Progressive Party could take enough states to deny President Coolidge and the Democrats' John W.
President Coolidge's embrace of radio changed presidential campaigns forever.
Dorothy Parker's comment on hearing of the death of President Coolidge comes to mind: "How can they tell?" Apart from Barack's brief contact with some Rogerstone children, and presumably impeccable service from waiting staff bearing canapes and fizz, what contact did any of the "leaders" have with any "ordinary" people?
While President Coolidge's "the business of America is business" is the phrase often misquoted in that particular address, what he said that followed is equally telling: "[Americans] are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing, and prospering in the world." It is noteworthy that Coolidge mentioned investing and prospering in the same breath, for long-term investing has proved to be a most rewarding strategy when building wealth.
The Wall Street Journal reported that "President Coolidge, at his first press conference ...
carefully wove a rug that was presented to President Coolidge. And finally, we act, by demanding that President Obama stop his
President Coolidge signed the bill authorizing the Hoover Dam on Dec.
Inform them that they are to play the roles of advisors to President Coolidge. The President has asked them to help him write a response to Timothy Percy