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Noun1.President Harding - 29th President of the United StatesPresident Harding - 29th President of the United States; two of his appointees were involved in the Teapot Dome scandal (1865-1823)
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Compared with $141,500 on oil-and-gas company president Harding, mental health education coordinator JoBeth Hamon raised $18,700 and Jim Holman raised $11,400.
President Harding had appended a request to the commutation: would Mr.
Such was the case of Henry Ford and his idol Thomas Edison that they would go on camping trips together along with naturalist John Burroughs, Harvey Firestone of Firestone Tires and, occasionally, President Harding. They even bought houses next door to each other in Florida.
From 1999 to 2009, the assessments of President Harding's "public persuasiveness" and "economic management" deteriorated.
When President Harding died in 1923, Calvin Coolidge of Northampton became president and served for six years.
Writing in The Growth of America, 1878-1928, historian Clarence Carson wrote, "After all this furor, the worst that could be said about President Harding was that he used bad judgment in one or two (among numerous) appointments and in selecting one or more of his friends.
PRESIDENT HARDING AND CHANGE OF PUBLIC MIND Considerable surprise was caused at a meeting at the Republican Women's Club yesterday afternoon when Mrs.
He was indicted in 1 918 for declaiming at a Canton, Ohio Socialist picnic that, inter alia, the "patriotic duty" of the ruling class "never takes them to the firing line or chucks them into the trenches." The prosecuting attorney called him "the palpitating pulse of the sedition crusade" The jury agreed, and Debs received a ten-year sentence, served until it was commuted in 1921 by President Harding.
Early had a notable career in the 1920s, breaking the news of President Harding's death in 1923 and covering the court martial of Colonel William (Billy) Mitchell in 1925.
He came home on one occasion to Plymouth on the American ship, President Harding.
He was nominated to be Chief Justice by President Harding and swore in Presidents Coolidge and Hoover.