President Hayes

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Noun1.President Hayes - 19th President of the United StatesPresident Hayes - 19th President of the United States; his administration removed federal troops from the South and so ended the Reconstruction Period (1822-1893)
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While in the midst of this bureaucratic house- cleaning he met Hubbard, who had just been appointed by President Hayes as the head of a commission on mail transportation.
Cameron's career finally came to an end in 1877 when his use of gross patronage ran afoul of President Hayes's civil service reform movement.
Responding to urgent calls for help from governors and anxious businessmen, President Hayes ordered the deployment of several thousand federal troops.
His discussion of President Hayes's role in transforming the Compromise of 1877 to the legal foundation of Jim Crow is powerfully demonstrated.
"When Graham Bell -- an inventor to whom we attribute communication - demonstrated the telephone, his invention, former US President Hayes reportedly said: 'It's a great invention, but who would want to use one?' Well, we all know the answer to that question," Shaikh Nasser said.
According to AP, special drug agents said Friday they found a 1 ton cargo at a ranch in the state of President Hayes, some 240 miles (380 kilometers) north of the capital, Asuncion.
During the luncheon, President Hayes thanked the members and sponsors for their support.
She even met once with President Hayes. Her life was filled with tragedy--massacres, wars, privation, many failed relationships--as well as with triumphs.