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Noun1.President Hoover - 31st President of the United StatesPresident Hoover - 31st President of the United States; in 1929 the stock market crashed and the economy collapsed and Hoover was defeated for reelection by Franklin Roosevelt (1874-1964)
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Elevating President Hoover to a respectable place necessarily involves a fair amount of combat with his detractors.
(Whyte points out that Hoover presided over about three years of depression; FDR presided over six such years.) Perhaps a President Hoover in 1932 would have resembled the Roosevelt of 1932, and a President Roosevelt in 1928 would have been confined to Hoover-like dimensions.
It was dedicated to President Hoover. Also, I'm sure Spike Milligan composed a piece for several instruments, including an E flat bucket.
Whether it was Babe Ruth's response to earning more money than then president Hoover's $75,000 salary in 1930 (Ruth was making $80,000 and said, "I know, but I had a better year than Hoover."), Nolan Ryan becoming the first player to earn more than $1 million per season with the Houston Astros in 1980, or the record deals Alex Rodriguez has garnered with the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees, the amount players in Major League Baseball have been paid has always been hotly debated.
Most importantly, the book documents how Revisionist Zionists persuaded prominent Republicans, including former president Hoover, to join them in pressing for U.S.
President Hoover was an 'Uncommon Man', and a great humanitarian.
Joslin became President Hoover's press secretary late in Hoover's term, a wag described it as the "first known instance of a rat joining a sinking ship." Maybe Michael Chertoff climbing aboard George W.
Few economists, mainstream, Austrian, or otherwise, can expect a great deal of sympathy for furnishing a defense of the economic policies of President Hoover. This comment will not mount a full-scale defense, but it will argue that Hoover may not be guilty of all the havoc attributed to him in Douglas MacKenzie's "Industrial Employment and the Policies of Herbert C.
The Herbert Hoover award was introduced in 1961, inspired by industry and government campaigns that President Hoover led to deliver food relief to victims of the Boxer Rebellion, World War I and the Great Depression.
Meanwhile, a member of the White House staff tiptoed into the room where the Christmas party was going on and informed President Hoover of the fire.
He had seen a shanty town in Central Park, New York - the out-of-work down and outs living in ramshackle huts, contrasting with the wealthy Park Avenue close by.We had already heard of similar places in Chicago: they were called 'Hoovervilles', after President Hoover. In them the homeless unemployed lived in cardboard hovels.