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Noun1.President Taft - 27th President of the United States and later chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1857-1930)President Taft - 27th President of the United States and later chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1857-1930)
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President Taft announced the construction of a naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii to defend against Japanese expansion in the Pacific.
Historian Skolnik observed that whenever the Philippine Assembly made choleric demands for immediate independence, President Taft hurriedly sought the help of the American Catholic Church, through the auspices of James Cardinal Gibbons.
Migrating across the ocean to America, he performed for President Taft, resurrected and led the Washington Symphony Orchestra in the nation's capital, and became a U.S.
Her crew would be awarded medals for their part in the rescue, and Captain Rostron was knighted by King George V and was presented with a Congressional Gold Medal by President Taft.
The Oregon Caves monument has been too small since it was created in 1909 - the Department of the Interior proposed a 2,500-acre monument, but the legislation signed by President Taft designated only 480 acres for protection.
President Taft had three children, but there is no record they visited their father's beloved Millbury.
The American vessel USS President Taft separated from its anchor and collided with the Greek ship Alikimon in Manila Bay.
In the letter dated August 9, 1911, Thompson wrote, "It will give me great pleasure if President Taft can arrange to be my guest while here," and "Mrs.
For example, who knew that President Taft was opposed to the nomination of Louis Brandeis as the first Jewish justice appointed to the Supreme Court because of his religion?
Last month President Taft, it will be recalled, named a commission to consider the establishment of a national laboratory for aerial research.
The United States is sitting out the war in isolationist glory under President Taft, as Sansom's alternate history prefers to err on the side of sweeping changes.
"Now, Mother," President Taft said pleasantly, "the trouble lies here: if I put the pardoning power in your hands there would be no one left in the jails."