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Noun1.President Taylor - 12th President of the United StatesPresident Taylor - 12th President of the United States; died in office (1784-1850)
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Vice President Taylor on Monday, September 02, admitted that she advised Minister Tweah not to show up at yesterday's special sitting of the Senate.
PLG Consulting's President Taylor Robinson was part of Petroleum Connection's 7th Annual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference in San Antonio.
"No matter what subject or genre he tackles, MiloA finds the universality of the human experience in every story, allowing us 6 his rapt audience 6 to recognize ourselves within the struggle for free expression and self-determination that MiloA so aptly portrays on the silver screen," former DGA President Taylor Hackford had said. 
President Taylor came into power via the post-conflict election in 1997.
The best thing about it, though, is award-winning actor Jones (best-known as President Taylor in TV series, 24), who effortlessly demonstrates why she's one of the finest stage-actors in the world.
"By bringing together established artists to work with Raymond's creative success, we are changing the way original art is used in the home decor industry," said Vice President Taylor Moseley.
Among those on the panel will be business leaders Marty Reser of Reser's Fine Foods and John Stirek of Trammell Crow; women's basketball coach Scott Rueck; gymnast Erika Aufiero; business associate professor Colleen Bee; OSU vice president of finance and administration Glenn Ford; senior associate athletic director Jim Patterson; student body president Taylor Sarman; and associate athletic director Marianne Vydra.
"Things are a little more casual now," explained President Taylor. "We have to bend a little with the times." Hotel guests heading to breakfast for instance may get away with a polo shirt and dress slacks.
(128) The BBC reported that "observers thought the claims were fictitious" and that President Taylor invented the attacks "in order to get a United Nations arms ban lifted." (129)
Over the final two seasons of 24, President Taylor (played by Cherry Jones) was frequently the focus of governmental action, as all presidents on 24 are, and often performed the presidentialism that characterized the program's depictions of the presidency.