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Noun1.President Truman - elected vice president in Roosevelt's 4th termPresident Truman - elected vice president in Roosevelt's 4th term; became 33rd President of the United States on Roosevelt's death in 1945 and was elected President in 1948; authorized the use of atomic bombs against Japan (1884-1972)
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US president Truman established the Federal Civil Defense Administration in 1951, says Scheibach, and among its first acts was to launch a national program warning citizens of the danger of atomic attack by the Soviet Union, which many considered inevitable, and advising them on how to prepare as individuals, families, and communities.
1950: President Truman denied there were communists in the US government.
1951: President Truman relieved war hero General Douglas MacArthur of his command in the Far East in a row over Korea.
Amid the Cold War, we revealed President Truman had asked Congress to approve funds for "fantastic" atomic weapons.
President Truman survived a second assassination attempt 4 Singer and actor Al Jolson died C 1 Dylan Thomas died 2 Frankie Laine had a U.K.
Sooner or later, they meet someone like my friend mdash or like President Truman mdash and they realise that running around doesnt make you free.
What did President Truman do to bless the Jewish people and to deserve God's blessing in return?
On June 25, 1950, North Korea launched a surprise military invasion of South Korea President Truman reacted quickly, deciding to support the United Nations military effort to oppose the invasion.
Historians largely credit President Truman with implementing four important, world changing, critical policies that ensured the role of US influence, for good or ill, in a post-World War II planet.
President Truman signed the National Security Act in 1947 and established the CIA.
He said that in an August 14, 1947 message to then Governor General Muhammed Ali Jinnah, President Truman pledged the firm friendship and good will of the United States, saying, 'The American people anticipate a long history of close and cordial relations with your country.'

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