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Noun1.William McKinley - 25th President of the United StatesWilliam McKinley - 25th President of the United States; was assassinated by an anarchist (1843-1901)
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Mount Rainier National Park is the nations fifth national park, created when President William McKinley signed legislation into law on March 2, 1899.
He was appointed by President William McKinley and served until 1920, making him the longest-serving chief justice.
president from 1901-1909, taking office after President William McKinley was assassinated.
1901: US president William McKinley died in Buffalo, eight days after being shot by an anarchist.
15, 1820, celebrated her 80th birthday at the White House with President William McKinley, and while it's unclear whether, if alive, she would have spent this one with a president who has angered feminists the world over, she certainly left women's rights advocates with much to celebrate - and from which to distance themselves.
by 32 time ASCAP award winning composer Persis Vehar based on the assassination of President William McKinley at the 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY by Polish-American dissident and self proclaimed anarchist Leon Czolgosz.
Many generations have been deluded by the grand and rumbling tale that it was God Himself who exhorted President William McKinley to "Christianize and civilize" the Filipinos.
1901US President William McKinley is hot by an anarchist and dies eight days later.
Leon Czolgosz, a former Michigan farmer and factory worker, assassinated President William McKinley at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York.
Missiologists are generally familiar with the Ecumenical Missionary Conference held at Carnegie Hall in New York City in April 1900, attended by up to 200,000 people over a ten-day period and addressed by President William McKinley and former president Benjamin Harrison.
He begins with a chapter detailing the events of September 6, 1901, when Leon Czolgosz, a young anarchist, born in the United States of Polish parents, shot President William McKinley, who was greeting well-wishers in Buffalo, New York.
Among discoveries that came as a surprise, Freedman said, were accounts of the assassination of President William McKinley at an exposition in Buffalo, N.

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