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Noun1.President Wilson - 28th President of the United StatesPresident Wilson - 28th President of the United States; led the United States in World War I and secured the formation of the League of Nations (1856-1924)
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We hope that this demonstrated commitment signals to donors, potential donors, our governor, the state legislature, the larger world of academia, alumni, supporters and most of all our students, that we support the leadership of President Wilson.
Contract notice: partial renovation works of the museum of modern art at 11 avenue president wilson in paris 16th - lot 2 asbestos removal
PFGB president Wilson Ong said the grand finals (for participants with 6.
As a result, President Wilson fell back on a policy of simply protesting British infringements of neutrality rights as defined in traditional international law, while at the same time treating German infringements as grievous offenses.
Even the progressive president Wilson drags his feet, invoking states rights as the only pathway to an amendment.
To illustrate the impact of American policy on the indigenous people of the Pacific, this volume describes how Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands was claimed by the US after World War II and the political struggle of each US administration, from President Wilson to Reagan, in the decades needed to secure the atoll as a key location in Oceania, including the resistance they faced.
The talks could be resumed on February 25 after finalizing some procedural details, the UN mediator told a press conference at the residence of the opposition at President Wilson hotel here.
NISG president Wilson Lambe said the group was looking forward to presenting a route map for the sector at the Safety: Back To The Future conference at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Belfast on November 22.
The argument over whether America should promote global cooperation and collective security through an international organization such as the League had pitted President Wilson -- its most perfervid advocate -- against Republicans led by Henry Cabot Lodge, who supported the League in theory but wanted firmer guarantees that America's sovereignty would not be threatened, nor her economic interests harmed.
PFGB president Wilson Ong said the outpouring of support has given small-time breeders more inspiration to field their stags in a national derby.
This interesting volume on the role of academics in public policy examines the influence of historians who accompanied President Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 on the development of American policy in the inter-war years.
Yes, there is a consensus," Opec President Wilson Pastor said.

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