Presidential Directive

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Noun1.Presidential Directive - a directive issued by the President of the United States; usually addressed to all heads of departments and agencies
directive - a pronouncement encouraging or banning some activity; "the boss loves to send us directives"
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He said that the new policy framework in the ministry would be in line with the presidential directive of diversifying the economy, growing the economy, and fighting corruption and insecurity.
REVENUE LEAKAGES Ordinarily, presidential directives of the kind Mr Kenyatta issued in Narok should have brought instant hope among the small business people that their suffering was about to be alleviated.
Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army promptly responded and instructed accordingly to abide by the Presidential directive with the objective of further promoting gestures of goodwill and reconciliation.
Villarin aired suspicion that the presidential directive was meant "to stifle legitimate protests of farmers in Negros Occidental wanting full implementation of agrarian reform and justice for the murder of Atty Ben Ramos."
Issued a decade ago, a presidential directive banned the hunting of certain threatened animals and birds and ordered strict against perpetrators.
Lacierda said the new presidential directive on mining aims to generate more revenues for the government and address mining industry and environmental concerns.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing to provide an enterprise level, homeland security presidential directive 12(HSPD-12) compliant Integrated Security System in support of the BEP office of acquisition, information technology and services contracting division.
New Delhi, Apr 4 ( ANI ): Coal India Limited (CIL) on Wednesday said that they have initiated the process to 'legally vet' the Presidential directive, which required it to sign fuel supply agreements (FSAs) with independent power producers.
The Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) directive requires that federal employees and contractors must all be issued a smart card, containing extensive personal information including biometric data.
This September, a presidential directive was issued to release several detainees including journalist Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani and Lu'ai Al-Muayyad, but Al-Sherif was not on the list.
government standards under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 and the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201.
He made communication and collaboration a key aspect of implementing DoD's smart card program, even before the federal government undertook a similar governmentwide program under the mandate of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12.

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