Press bed

a bed that may be folded, and inclosed, in a press or closet.

See also: Press

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Here, the press bed isn't a metal plate but appears to be a rectangular portal to a river.
After placing their inked Masonite plates in the proper printing position on the press bed, students discarded their gloves, removed their sheet of BFK paper from the water bath and blotted it dry.
The press bed, measuring 132 inches square, is large enough to run two running-board molds at the same time.
"I started inking the entire press bed, then would build collages right on the layer of wet ink, throwing on a sheet of BFK and running it through the press.
Ink is deposited in front of a squeegee which is located at one end of the press bed, and then the squeegee moves over the screen to force ink through the mesh.
When Rexam had a problem with the press beds on its canning line, it turned to Dowding & Mills who developed an innovative new press bed repair technique, which aims to increase repair life and reduce future maintenance downtime.
In order to do this, scrap removal cutouts had to be provided in the heavy, load-absorbing plates of the press bed while Danly's deflection standards were maintained, said Gabe Buzas, a Danly engineer.
WE have teamed up with Comfort Vaporesse to give five lucky winners a Linen Press bed linen set and a bottle of Comfort Vaporesse.
In one series, he even set a fire in the press bed and ran damp paper through the press.
Each student got to turn the big wheel that moves the press bed under the rollers and watch their print emerge.
Die transfer can be made directly from the storage pallet into the press bed. In many cases, the direct costs of a forklift truck and operator, storekeeper and separate die storage room can be reduced or eliminated.
The pressed parts are shuttled out of the press bed and conveyed to an inspection area.