Press proof

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1.(Print.) The last proof for correction before sending to press.
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Like the time when for no reason at all--well, other than not being able to feel it in my hands--I dropped my pen at work while I was reviewing a press proof with my designer.
Nattily designed by his flam boyant collaborator, Quentin Fiore, it featured a thirty-two-page press proof of the two authors reading from their recent publication, The Medium Is the Massage, texts by other writers on themes such as "The Electronics of Music" and "The Anti-Environmental Man," notes by John Cage titled "How to Improve the World," and a psychedelic poster of "The TV Generation.
Budget permitting (based on the size of the run) have the printer run a press proof.
Proofing: Low-Res proof, match color proofs, and final press proof.
Full mock-up of Printed Press proof needed (to check colour, materials and trimming accuracy) Confirm compliance with delivery schedule as per below:
That's why we run a press proof, and I match it to what they've done before.
Color approval should be "in the proofing" by your printer via a pre-press proofing system or press proof.
APR says that essentially the system is creating a digital press proof of each label job.
As is most often the case, customers are going to forgo the substantial added expense attached to the creation of a press proof.
While a digital proof is considered a contract proof by many converters, some choose to use an off-press press proof, otherwise known as a wet proof, as their contract proof of choice.
In addition to producing color critical applications such as layout proofs, press proof comps and packaging markups, the imagePRESS C60, combined with optional in-line finishing, efficiently produces style guides, planograms and presentations.