a.1.Pressing; urgent; also, oppressive; as, pressive taxation.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A new-comer of any age or either sex was an im- pressive curiosity in the poor little shabby village of St.
That is a very im- pressive sight which you are privileged to witness, Mr.
Every report made things look more and more im- pressive. The hosts were gathering, gathering; down all the roads and paths of England the knights were riding, and priests rode with them, to hearten these original Crusaders, this being the Church's war.
In turn, they built on that re- pressive state with staggering cruelty."
ckdrop pressive field, ains ng Against the backdrop of that impressive record at Anfield, Mourinho remains bullish about securing a positive result, even with his personnel severely depleted.
A switch to chloroquine, or adding quinacrine, might do the trick, saving at least some patients from having to move on to immunosup pressive therapy, Dr.
My eve' r- im' pressive wife managed to find room for a pudding - a tasty blackberry and apple crumble with a big jug of custard
When calculating [[DELTA].sub.u2], as shown in Figure 10(a), assume that the shear wall is a rigid body and the elongation of bonded reinforcement is ignored, the ultimate displacement can be expressed approximately as [[DELTA].sub.u2] = [[theta].sub.u] x H, where [[theta].sub.u] is the corner angle at wall base, which can be expressed as [[theta].sub.u] = [[delta].sub.u]/[h.sub.w]/2 - [x.sub.u] [+ or -] e, where [x.sub.u] is the com pressive zone depth in the ultimate state obtained by Section 3.4 approximately and [[delta].sub.u] is the elongation of unbonded reinforcement.
Average com- Cylinder Compressive pressive Mix specimens strength (MPa) strength (MPa) R 1 66.8 65.0 2 63.2 CM-1 1 68.1 66.7 2 65.3 CM-2 1 69.5 68.9 2 68.3 CM-3 1 65.4 65.8 2 66.2 DM-1 1 64.2 64.5 2 64.8 DM-2 1 65.5 65.8 2 66.1 DM-3 1 65.0 65.1 2 65.2 H-1 1 66.2 65.2 2 64.2 H-2 1 70.1 68.4 2 66.7 H-3 1 71.0 68.0 2 65.1 Table 4.
5168G, a men's wristwatch in 18K white gold, the manufacture delivers im- pressive proof of how well the elegance of the noble metal complements a rugged and decidedly masculine watch that is water-resistant to a depth of 120 meters.
"To think that there would be any questions that we work well together or that we collaborate well together is a myth and it's an op- pressive myth.