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Beyond that again is the kingdom of Prester John and of the great Cham.
What mind, that is not wholly barbarous and uncultured, can find pleasure in reading of how a great tower full of knights sails away across the sea like a ship with a fair wind, and will be to-night in Lombardy and to-morrow morning in the land of Prester John of the Indies, or some other that Ptolemy never described nor Marco Polo saw?
Its tales of the Ethiopian Prester John, of diamonds that by proper care can be made to grow, of trees whose fruit is an odd sort of lambs, and a hundred other equally remarkable phenomena, are narrated with skilful verisimilitude and still strongly hold the reader's interest, even if they no longer command belief.
Nobody ever asks after you--neither man nor woman; and if I mention your name in company, the men look as if I had spoken of Prester John; and the women sneer covertly.
I have it from my husband, who is a cinquantenier**, at the Parloir-aux Bourgeois, and who was this morning comparing the Flemish ambassadors with those of Prester John and the Emperor of Trebizond, who came from Mesopotamia to Paris, under the last king, and who wore rings in their ears."
Prester John fantasy, part Great Game derring-do, which it would be a pity to scrub away entirely.
In fact, a bit like Wakanda, Ethiopia, or Abyssinia as it was once known, was also long shrouded in mystery for Europeans during the Middle Ages, a mythical Christian kingdom of great wealth, surrounded by hostile Muslim states, hidden in the mountains and home to the legendary Prester John.
In the 15th century, when the Portuguese were exploring Africa, they kept looking for this elusive king called Prester John. They had heard of this marvelous king in Africa.
This represents Ogane (or Oni of Ife) of whom it was said he was "held in the same reverence by his subjects as the Pope by Catholics." (27) The cross near the Red Sea denotes the kingdom of the legendary Prester John. Nearby a king is depicted sitting on a throne.
Even though the principal purpose of Portuguese exploration was aimed at locating the origin of Eastern trade, the explorers were also responsible for identifying the country of the 'Prester John'.
He covers Prester John (1122-1222), allies and mythologies in Central Asia (1240-1405), contacts with Ethiopia--Prester John found (to 1559), Saint Thomas in India and the Americas (to c.