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The Black Lion was so far off, and occupied such a length of time in the getting at, that notwithstanding the strong presumptive evidence she had about her of the late events being real and of actual occurrence, Dolly could not divest herself of the belief that she must be in a dream which was lasting all night.
Unusual behavior or death of the animal is presumptive evidence of rabies.
Recommendations were made by federal, state, and local public health partners to exclude staff members with measles-compatible symptoms as well as exposed staff members without presumptive evidence of immunity to measles.
The court also considered as presumptive evidence Luy's daily financial records because these are regular records.
The filing of a Proposal shall be presumptive evidence that the bidder has complied with these requirements.
11] In this previous study by Spector and colleagues, the authors showed that dehydration in rats led to a significant upregulation of AQP2 and AQP3 expression, thus providing presumptive evidence that AQPs are involved in water and solute transport.
A suicide rehearsal is presumptive evidence that the patient is at acute, high risk for suicide and immediate clinical intervention is necessary.