Presumptive heir

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These included the presumptive heir to the throne of the Mughal Empire, which ruled most of India.
Copley, tearful and choked up, managed to ask the presumptive heir to President Barack Obama's anticoal policies, how "you can come in here and tell us you're going to be our friend" after promising CNN two weeks earlier that she would "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business?
His daughter, the presumptive heir, is impetuous and cannot act like her father who had a much higher stature not only in the state but the country.
At home, Khan points out, the stability of the House of Saud's authoritarian monarchy is in danger, as King Salman struggles "to incorporate a next generation of Saudi royalty: The King's nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, is the crown prince and presumptive heir to the throne.
Add to the mix 2015 Tony champ "Fun Home"--surely the first musical ever written with a butch lesbian protagonist --and this year's presumptive heir to the trophy, "Hamilton," the pop-culture explosion that casts diverse actors as the U.
The presumptive heir to a convention crowning is, mysteriously, an enigma: "[T]he emotional fact is that Kennedy is not in focus, not in the old political focus, he is not comfortable.
But now that sibling is dead, and Dominick is the presumptive heir to a viscountcy.
Letterman, who was Carson's presumptive heir after hosting NBC's "Late Night" program in the time slot following "The Tonight Show" for 11 years, left NBC and moved to CBS to launch the "Late Show" opposite Leno in 1993.
As Gaddafi's most high-profile son, Saif al-Islam was regarded as the presumptive heir.
GADDAFI'S PLAYBOY SON WHO THREATENED LIBYANS WITH 'RIVERS OF BLOOD' As Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's most high-profile son, Saif al-Islam was regarded as the presumptive heir.