a.1.(Anat.) Situated in front of the temporal bone.
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Three aspects are central to Barth's earlier phases of election: "the focus on the historical decision about faith and unbelief rather than the assumption of a pretemporal divine decree for individual persons; the emphasis on God's acting in this event rather than on the human acting; and the teleological interpretation of the relation between election and reprobation, where the way leads from reprobation to election and never vice versa" (156).
On the same page Ivanov wrote: "But there is, Plato says, Pre-eternal Memory, anamnesis: when the soul recollects its pretemporal contemplation of the divine ideas.
Of the Divine Will for Men's Salvation" sets the pretemporal transaction between God and Christ at the head and front of evangelical divinity and gives it a clear, sure, lively elucidation.
If, say, the view of places in terms of a primordial and pretemporal relationality (e.
This process of actualization does not take place in time, however, but is pretemporal, productive of time (p.