a.1.(Anat.) Situated in front of the temporal bone.
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Their topics include how to repair the intracranial aneurysm: clipping or coiling decision making, subtemporal and pretemporal approaches for basilar and posterior cerebral artery aneurysms, the microsurgical treatment of previously endovascularly treated aneurysms, tentorial and posterior fossa dural arteriovenous fistulas, and minimally invasive approaches for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage.
Jean Gebsers mutations of consciousness Structure Dimensioning Perspectivity Archaic Zero-dimentional None Magic One-dimentional Pre-perspectival Mythical Two-dimentional Unperspectival Mental Three-dimentional Perspectival Integral Four-dimentional Aperspectival Structure Emphasis Archaic Prespatial Pretemporal Magic Spaceless Timeless Mythical Spaceless natural Temporicity Mental Spatial Abstractly Temporal Integral Space-free Time-free
Widening of the Sylvian fissures, mesencephalic cistern, and enlarged pretemporal subarachnoid spaces are cardinal MRI features of GA-1.7
The temporal lobe was mobilized posterolaterally to open the pretemporal corridor.
A pretemporal approach can be used and the lateral wall expose by middle fossa peeling.
Sharon Horn, Nurse Practitioner of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, presented a fascinating overview of the structure and function of the epileptic brain and the pivotal role of imaging pretemporal lobectomy surgery.
Ciertamente Husserl describe el flujo como autoconciencia de alguna manera temporal (puesto que sus fases se suceden unas a otras sin interrupcion alguna, aunque la designacion pretemporal, vorzeitlich, conviene mejor al flujo).
Three aspects are central to Barth's earlier phases of election: "the focus on the historical decision about faith and unbelief rather than the assumption of a pretemporal divine decree for individual persons; the emphasis on God's acting in this event rather than on the human acting; and the teleological interpretation of the relation between election and reprobation, where the way leads from reprobation to election and never vice versa" (156).
Aun no era gesta historiable; su ser originario era supratemporal (38) o bien tempico pretemporal.
On the same page Ivanov wrote: "But there is, Plato says, Pre-eternal Memory, anamnesis: when the soul recollects its pretemporal contemplation of the divine ideas."
"Of the Divine Will for Men's Salvation" sets the pretemporal transaction between God and Christ at the head and front of evangelical divinity and gives it a clear, sure, lively elucidation.
(4) They do not give evidence of a causal link between attribute and value without addressing the factors related to causality (pretemporal occurrence, holding other factors constant, and theory supporting the relationship).