a.1.(Geol.) Earlier than Tertiary.
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The goal is to demonstrate that reflective pedagogy can, and should, be included throughout the training process because it (1) will enhance the results of sound, tradition-based teaching; and (2) can be applied to pretertiary students in a formal ballet program without diluting the already established decorum, culture, and pedagogical lineage.
Moreover, patients with superior degree presented greater odds of being interested in receiving information about their disease through email (OR: 4.32) than those with no schooling or pretertiary education (reference category) (Table 3).
(8) The Government Education Trust, which was based on a tax on business and used to supplement government funding to aid pretertiary and tertiary education.
It is important to note that pretertiary education may not exhibit single-crossing just because tertiary education does.
Singapore's first pretertiary arts school is one of Lua's favourite structures in the city.
Attention and facilitation of pretertiary learning may accelerate performance at primary and secondary school.