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v. t.1.To frame; to devise; to disguise or excuse; hence, to pretend; to declare falsely.
References in classic literature ?
For this purpose there had been a gathering of warriors in a neighboring bay, under pretex of fishing for sturgeon; and fleets of canoes were expected to join them from the north and South.
With the dissolution of national armies, radicals acting under the pretex of religion began attracting disillusioned and disgruntled Muslims from all over the world to fulfill their dreams, like that of an Islamic caliphate and a purely Muslim state.
Residents concede that women in the region are being hoodwinked by middlemen on the pretex of offering jobs.
67) In fact, the purge of the Red Army provided a convenient pretex for abandoning staff talks, but the general staff never wanted them in any case.
Clark's initial drafts were even more openly hostile, accusing Frankfurter of "forging pretex order to by-pass long established precedents of this Court," and calling the majority opinion part o "iron fist" policy toward the states.