Preventive service

the duty performed by the armed police in guarding the coast against smuggling.

See also: Preventive

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The preventive service afloat was really the one for us to reckon with, and it was material for our success and safety to know the exact position of the patrol craft in the neighbourhood.
Also in the first eight months of 2012, more than 19 million people with original Medicare received at least one preventive service at no cost to them.
Because Americans receive approximately half of all recommended preventive services, increasing preventive service delivery is an important goal.
Last year, officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that they had added intensive behavioral therapy for obesity as a preventive service to be offered to Medicare beneficiaries without cost sharing, effective immediately.
However, they may collect fees for the associated office visit if the preventive service wasn't the primary purpose of the visit.
Preventive Service Task Force, "Behavioral counseling to prevent sexually transmitted infections: U.
It is generally believed that health behaviors reflect various beliefs and attitudes, such as an individual's conviction that illness is preventable or controllable--which may translate into behaviors relating to preventive service use.
New features include: health guidelines that equip physicians with preventive service reminders in compliance with U.
To review the evidence, the task force introduced what it called causal pathways to map out specific linkages in the evidence that must be present for a preventive service to be considered effective.
While past research has found that patients who are uninsured for long periods are less likely to seek recommended follow-up care, care for chronic conditions, and crucial preventive care, we find that even a single episode of being uninsured during a period of four years decreased the likelihood of preventive service use," warns Joseph J.
re-adjustment of the preventive service plan as needed to attain clinic service goals.
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