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1. Priapus Greek & Roman Mythology The god of procreation, guardian of gardens and vineyards, and personification of the erect phallus.
2. An image of this god, often used as a scarecrow in ancient gardens.
3. A representation of a phallus.

[Latin Priāpus, from Greek Priāpos.]
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1. (Classical Myth & Legend) (in classical antiquity) the god of the male procreative power and of gardens and vineyards
2. (often not capital) a representation of the penis
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(praɪˈeɪ pəs)

1. an ancient Greek god of male procreative power.
2. (l.c.) phallus.
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Noun1.Priapus - (classical mythology) god of male procreative power and guardian of gardens and vineyardsPriapus - (classical mythology) god of male procreative power and guardian of gardens and vineyards
classical mythology - the system of mythology of the Greeks and Romans together; much of Roman mythology (especially the gods) was borrowed from the Greeks
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Of the rushing couples there could barely be discerned more than the high lights--the indistinctness shaping them to satyrs clasping nymphs--a multiplicity of Pans whirling a multiplicity of Syrinxes; Lotis attempting to elude Priapus, and always failing.
It was at this college that he had sketched out what he called his studies, and, through a scholar's teasing habit which still lingered in him, he never passed the façade without inflicting on the statue of Cardinal Pierre Bertrand, sculptured to the right of the portal, the affront of which Priapus complains so bitterly in the satire of Horace, Olim truncus eram ficulnus .
They named the cave Priapus according to the ancient Greek fertility god.
When Horace sings Priapus, Shakespeare may risk Bottom.
The case report of priapus and a modern approach to an ancient affliction.
The condition priapism was named after the Greek God Priapus, son of Zeus.
Beschreibung einer grossen Seeblase (Holothuria priapus Linn.) zween Arten des Steinbohrers (Terebella Linn.), einer grossen Sandrohre (Sabella Linn.).
Even the Maltese archbishop Charles Scicluna joined the debate, criticizing a tower block development as "a number of temples to Priapus that will line pockets with gold and ruin the view." Residents are exasperated because traffic breaks down every day and the infrustructure in mini-Manhatan can't cope with the boom.
However, "mythical medical naming" is also present in anatomical disorders such as Priapism, the term for a persistent erection, after Priapus, the phallic god.
Lokaj suspects that this might not be accidental, in that Falcone's love poetry is even more anchored in the here and now than Castiglione's, including a noticeable connection to Priapus, the Roman god of sex.