Pribilof Islands

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Prib·i·lof Islands

A group of islands of southwest Alaska in the Bering Sea north of the Fox Islands. They are noted as a breeding ground for seals.

Pribilof Islands

pl n
(Placename) a group of islands in the Bering Sea, off SW Alaska, belonging to the US: the breeding ground of the northern fur seal. Area: about 168 sq km (65 sq miles). Also called: Fur Seal Islands

Prib′i•lof Is′lands

(ˈprɪb əˌlɔf, -ˌlɒf)
a group of islands in the Bering Sea, SW of Alaska, and belonging to the U.S.
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operates four freight vessels between Seattle and Southeast Alaska, Kodiak, Western Alaska, the Aleutians and Pribiloff Islands to serve its customers.