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Noun1.price level - an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time
index number, indicator, index, indicant - a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts; can reveal relative changes as a function of time
retail price index - an index of changes in retail prices
producer price index, wholesale price index - an index of changes in wholesale prices
consumer price index, cost-of-living index, CPI - an index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer
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(1991), 'Structural determinants of real exchange rates and national price levels: some empirical evidence', American Economic Review, 81 (1), pp.
The comparative price levels are measured as the ratio between the purchasing power parities (PPPs) and the market exchange rates for each country.
I expect the price levels of titanium scrap have probably seen their heights and will stay in the current price range, in light of the increased production of titanium sponge by the Japanese, ATI, Timet and the Kazakhstan producer Specialty Metals and Alloys, as well as the increased availability of scrap from current production.
Until a few months ago, development sites across Manhattan were achieving unparalleled price levels. Developable land was commanding record prices, in some instances upwards of $450 per buildable square foot.
All of which left the NR market continuing to ride the bull-run that began in 2002 to price levels that have not been seen in many years.
This section is split into six learning outcomes, the second of which is: "Explain measures to reduce distortion in financial statements when price levels change." Many students, especially those who work in the UK and other economic regions where prices vary little from year to year, may wonder why this outcome appears at all.
"Offering a range of models at different price levels lets consumers develop brand loyalty--before they can afford your best.
Following best practices, insurers should have systems that compare renewal pricing to expiring price levels and new business pricing.
At current price levels, there is a strong incentive for suppliers to produce natural gas, while at the same time there is strong disincentive for consumers to purchase it.
The figures from 2000 are reportedly adjusted to the price levels in the countries reviewed.
The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) has confirmed that certain hot-rolled steel sheet and strip from a number of other countries, including Brazil, Bulgaria, New Zealand and South Africa, were dumped into Canada at prices that were on average 36 per cent below normal price levels. To eliminate the dumping and to offset the subsidizing, provisional duties will continue to be imposed on imports from these countries.
The bank's first-order condition in this case will involve infinite sums of future price levels and output gaps.