price-earnings ratio

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price-earn·ings ratio

The ratio of the market price of a common stock to its earnings per share.

price-earnings ratio

(Stock Exchange) the ratio of the price of a share on a stock exchange to the earnings per share, used as a measure of a company's future profitability. Abbreviation: P/E ratio

price′-earn′ings ra`tio

the current price of a share of common stock divided by earnings per share over a 12-month period, often used in stock evaluation. Abbr.: p/e
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Edinburgh is the least affordable Scottish city with a 2017 price to earnings ratio of 5.
According to the Halifax, the house price to earnings ratio reached 5.
A price to earnings ratio of 19x means that investors are paying 19 times the money in terms of earnings per share that they expect to make from this market.
Looking at the wider UK Good Growth index, there is some evidence that rapid employment growth can impact on households, income distribution and the house price to earnings ratio.
To determine performance, each company's return on assets, profit margin, solvency ratio and price to earnings ratio are looked at and rankings are assigned accordingly.
The new kids were quickly and richly rewarded, as on 2014 estimated earnings Facebook trades on a price to earnings ratio of 47-times, Linkedin 95-times, Salesforce.
The results show that the best performance is from using price to earnings ratio.
Currently Isfahan Oil Refinery's shares trade with a price to earnings ratio (P/E) of 8, which is half the sector average of about 16.
By contrast, healthcare has the strongest M&A appetite of the sectors with the price to earnings ratio up 4%.
But Kensington and Chelsea also had the most unaffordable homes with the highest average house price to earnings ratio.
Affordability is also no longer the problem it once was, with the key house price to earnings ratio falling to 4.
On a price to earnings ratio of seven, and a prospective dividend yield of 5% for 2009, the shares are an attractive investment.