price-earnings ratio

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price-earn·ings ratio

The ratio of the market price of a common stock to its earnings per share.

price-earnings ratio

(Stock Exchange) the ratio of the price of a share on a stock exchange to the earnings per share, used as a measure of a company's future profitability. Abbreviation: P/E ratio

price′-earn′ings ra`tio

the current price of a share of common stock divided by earnings per share over a 12-month period, often used in stock evaluation. Abbr.: p/e
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These companies were trading on price to earnings ratios upwards of 300 and 900 times respectively by the end of the year.
He says that price to earnings ratios will be the single most popular valuation tool that branded companies employ when they consider acquiring generics firms.
Under Cullen's investment strategy, the portfolio manager seeks out mid-sized and large cap companies that possess three key elements: attractively low valuations evidenced by low price to earnings ratios and low price to book ratios, dividend yields which are greater than the S&P 500 as this has historically served to offer downside protection, and lower than average dividend payout rates that are growing.