price-earnings ratio

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price-earn·ings ratio

The ratio of the market price of a common stock to its earnings per share.

price-earnings ratio

(Stock Exchange) the ratio of the price of a share on a stock exchange to the earnings per share, used as a measure of a company's future profitability. Abbreviation: P/E ratio

price′-earn′ings ra`tio

the current price of a share of common stock divided by earnings per share over a 12-month period, often used in stock evaluation. Abbr.: p/e
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Common indicators are low price-to-book and price-to-earnings ratios and above average yields.
Their price-to-earnings ratios may be well below their averages; perhaps their earnings are still growing, but their important top line, their revenue, may not be growing much.
Shiller, who joined the call despite laryngitis, has spent years looking at the limitations of market measurement, like traditional price-to-earnings ratios.
However, according to KPMG's Global M&A Predictor, while profit predictions and cash positions are positive, price-to-earnings ratios, which indicate corporate appetite to do deals, have fallen 3%.
We've reached extremely gloomy valuation levels on equities, with price-to-earnings ratios and dividend yields at levels not seen in the past 25 years, except during the 2008-2009 crisis," said Regis Begue, head of equities at Lazard Freres Gestion, which has 11 billion euros ($15.
Price-to-earnings ratios have been plummeting nationwide, while New York, long touted as a market unto itself, is also seeing a slump.
Mr Blanchflower, in a speech in Edinburgh, said: "In my view a correction of approximately one third in house prices does not seem implausible in the UK over a period of two or three years if house price-to-earnings ratios are to be restored to more sustainable levels.
Still, the Chicago-based advisory firm says price-to-earnings ratios peaked at 71 in Japan, 100 in Taiwan and 123 on the NASDAQ before those markets crashed, suggesting China is getting closer to the pre-crash peaks seen elsewhere.
Stocks of companies which are expected to post strong earnings results and shares with low price-to-earnings ratios were snapped up, pushing up the market overall,'' said Norihiro Fujito, a senior investment strategist at Mitsubishi Securities Co.
I found that an outside investor could have simply bought a diversified portfolio of small-cap stocks with high yields and low price-to-earnings ratios, and would have received almost the same return (with lower risk) as the group of insiders in my study.
Discounted market valuations and low price-to-earnings ratios, common for companies in out-of-favor industry segments.
The students, now experts on price-to-earnings ratios, historic stock charting and oil's impact on the economy, were nonplussed by the attention.