Pride of China

(Bot.) See Azedarach.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Experience the splendour of the Great Wall, the pride of China and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
It is also witnessed in the pride of China's citizens that China will inevitably overtake the United States as an economic and military power.
It is a long-standing joke that the red half do not have many fans that come from Manchester - but now the Maine Road club are hatching a plot that will see them become the pride of China. The success of Chinese defender Sun Jihai at City means Kevin Keegan's team are currently commanding television audiences of over 100million in the communist republic.And now the Blues are ready to cash in on their popularity by sending chairman's assistant ChrisBird to China in the New Year to look at the vast commercial opportunities available to the club in a country that has a population of one billion people.
(Eight is a lucky number in China.) The pride of China is at stake.
Zhang hopes that as Wolong rebuilds, it will become a model of environmental protection and sustainable development that will be the pride of China.C[pounds sterling]In the 1980s, China was poor,C[yen] Zhang said in an interview in a relief tent in downtown Wolong, where he is living with his staff.
The Ministry of Railways' chief engineer He Hua Wu, told reporters minutes before train G1 pulled out of Beijing that the train-link was the "pride of China and Chinese people." He said the Harmony Express, which is named after Chinese President Hu Jintao's harmonious society slogan, is a gift to the ruling Communist Party.
Under the influence of Persian culture, Islam and Buddhist art, Changsha Kiln gradually developed a unique ceramic craft with underglaze colour (which was the first milestone of Chinese underglaze painting) and laid a foundation for the development of decorative porcelain after Tang Dynasty that is the pride of China's ceramic arts.
Native to China, India, and Iran, Melia azedarach--also known as Chinaberry (Ku-lian), Pride of China, Indian lilac, Persian lilac, and white cedar--is a large nondeciduous tree now cultivated throughout the world.
'It is the pride of China's builders, who have succeeded in the project, and have not allowed it to fail, as well as serious and serious rigor,' he added.
Mr Wang Yi expressed the pride of China in its strong friendship with Bahrain and its constant aspiration to open up new fields of co-operation, wishing Bahrain continued progress and prosperity.
The pride of China's naval fleet, wags say, incorporates the very latest in radar-evading stealth technology, so powerful it is as if it didn't even exist.