v. t.1.To prove.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Other competitors of interest were Portland resident Lara Tennant (76), Tualatin resident Felicia Johnston (76), defending champ Laura Shanahan-Rowe (78), three-time Mid-Amateur champion Ellen Port (78), Canby resident Kathleen Prieve (84), Springfield resident Sharon Hadley (87), Canby resident Marcia Fisher (87) and Corvallis resident Rise Lakowskie (87).
"This new agreement underscores the continuing and mutually beneficial relationship between our company and Longs," says Chuck Prieve, vice president of strategic client development at Bergen Brunswig.
Six other Oregon golfers are in the field: Marcia Fisher, the seven-time Oregon Amateur champion from Canby; Sharon Hadley of Springfield; Felicia Johnston of Tualatin; Rise Lakowske of Corvallis; Kathleen Prieve of Canby; and Lara Tennant of Portland, who was the Oregon women's golf coach from 1994-95.
"We are puffing into place and reevaluating our entire strategy regarding warehousing chains versus non-warehousing chains," says Chuck Prieve, vice president of retail sales and national accounts.
Fine Art Show Committee member Chris Prieve said she hopes that the show will grow this year.
This, added Oniha, "brought re- prieve to road users, improved travel times between major commercial cities, linked borrowing and govern- ment expenditure to specific critical projects, helped increase the flow of cargo and passenger traffic across key cities, and improved infrastructure delivery across the country."
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A Wisconsin health study: Identifying chronic HCV infection in baby-boomer inmates, James Greer, Mary Wedig, Audrey Prieve and Lauren J.