Primary alcohol

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(Organic Chem.) any alcohol which possess the group CH2.OH, and can be oxidized so as to form a corresponding aldehyde and acid having the same number of carbon atoms; - distinguished from secondary

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According to the company, the primary objective of the clinical study is to compare the efficacy of HORIZANT with matched placebo on the primary alcohol consumption outcome, which is percentage of subjects with no heavy drinking days during the last four weeks of the treatment.
Indeed, Brown and Schuckit (18) demonstrated a significant drop in depressive symptoms for those with primary alcohol dependence who completed a 4-week inpatient program.
In the final reaction step, the primary alcohol was selectively oxidized to the corresponding carboxylic acid using BAIB-TEMPO oxidation conditions in yields of 82%.
In this study, eight groups of recently alcohol-abstinent individuals with diagnoses of primary alcohol dependence based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition received medical management with 16 weeks of naltrexone (100 mg per day) or acamprosate (3 g per day), both naltrexone and acamprosate, and/or both placebos, with or without a combined behavioral intervention (CBI).
Treatment on demand was significantly associated with an increase in the percent of admissions for persons with a primary alcohol problem (coefficient = 1.
However, enantioselective esterification of primary alcohol of glycerol derivatives, such as IPG (rac-1) is still a challenge.
The significance of these negative consequences influenced colleges to implement primary alcohol prevention programs (Wechsler, Kelley, & Weitzman, 2000) that typically utilize alcohol education, alcohol-free activities or alcohol-free living quarters (e.
John Rickard, team leader at the Primary Alcohol Service, based at Middlesbrough's James Cook Hospital, said that since May 2006, 1,186 patients have attended A&E and been referred to the service.

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