Primary amine

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(Chem.) an amine containing the amido group, or a derivative of ammonia in which only one atom of hydrogen has been replaced by a basic radical; - distinguished from secondary

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These reactions pointed out that covalent bonds were formed between DMT and respectively the primary, the secondary, and the aromatic amines, with the primary amine being the most reactive towards DMT.
It was pointed out above that even in the absence of amine hardener, the organoclay initiates the curing reaction at temperatures above 120[degrees]C, apparently through the presence of the primary amine intercalant.
In the first step, an epoxy group reacts with a primary amine to form a secondary amine.
It was also expected that the NPP series could provide a higher rupture stress, since the primary amine intercalant can provide a better chance for chemical interaction between the clay and the matrix via the active hydrogen of the primary amine.
This can be explained by the difference in chemistry of the intercalants and the polymerization of epoxy groups initiated by the primary amine onium ion of the organo-nanoclay I.30E (Fig.
The factor 2 is due to the fact that the neighboring amine hydrogen becomes a secondary amine hydrogen as the primary amine hydrogen is reacted.
(18) studied the amine/anhydride reaction by using a low molecular weight primary amine and a styrene maleic anhydride copolymer.
[20] investigated the chemistry of the cure reaction of difunctional epoxy resin by an amine curing agent and found that combinations of epoxide and primary amine lead to two principal reactions: (a) primary amine + epoxide = secondary amine; (b) secondary amine + epoxide = tertiary amine.
The reactivity of the primary amine is usually higher than that of the secondary one for most amine type curing agents (14-18).
The second reaction produces a primary amine and an olefin.
morpholine, but ineffective with primary amine sulfenamides.
Santocure [R] TBSI is a newly commercialized accelerator from the Akron Research Center that acts like a secondary amine derived product but is produced from a primary amine, avoiding the generation of stable nitrosamines.

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