Primary amputation

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(Surg.) an amputation for injury performed as soon as the shock due to the injury has passed away, and before symptoms of inflammation supervene.

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In this particular case, primary amputation had been undertaken due to an osteosarcoma and with subsequent skeletal growth, only a thin cortical wall formed in the remaining femur.
Those who presented with irreversible ischaemia or had primary amputation and presented late with missed vascular injuries were excluded.
Sepsis resulted in a significantly higher above-knee revision rate in the primary amputation group, compared with those who had a guillotine initially and then subsequent elective amputation at the appropriate level.
In patients with established AIDS (CD4 T-cell count <200 cells/[micro]l) palliative treatment was administered, unless critical limb ischaemia necessitated intervention, which often meant primary amputation.
Among the endovascular patients, only two legs were lost to amputation: One was lost as the result of a chronic methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection; the other was a primary amputation done on a patient who was not very ambulatory and was at high risk.
Indeed, results of bypass graft surgery aimed at limb salvage in an ESRD population were so dismal that a growing number of skilled surgeons are opting instead for primary amputation below or even above the knee, said Dr.
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