Primary axis

(Bot.) the main stalk which bears a whole cluster of flowers.

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Primary axis 1: To support the durable development of the urban growth poles
Cross-axis errors in linear accelerometers cause a response to motion orthogonal to the primary axis, generating a non-zero output.
The oil business has unquestionably been the primary axis around which Beijing-Sana'a relations revolve.
Losurdo's concern with exposing the already exposed problematic character of liberal thought, his use of antedated bigoted language, and his neglect of gender as a primary axis of analysis lend Liberalism a dated feel, as if one were reading a text from the late 1960s or 1970s.
Other CADWorx 2012 features for Intergraph CADWorx Equipment include anew center of gravity calculator for equipment, and, for vessels and exchangers, stiffening rings can now be added internally and rings can be oriented about their primary axis.
sectio Teretia Yoshida Main axis shorter or longer; primary axis angular; secondary axis always shorter than primary axis; receptacles cylindrical II.
For spot welding operations, the robot can be equipped with the integrated FANUC Servo Gun Control, Primary Axis solution arm, and a small, light servo weld gun.
These general goals were in turn divided into several sub-goals also referred to as the primary axis of intervention, stated as following; to provide better health care, to expand and maintain health care coverage for all social categories, to develop the organizational capacity of the Health Ministry, to reinforce Health community cooperation network, to reinforce social care, to adopt the retirement salaries' plan, to reinforce the NSSF administrative and institutional capacities, and most importantly to revive the spirit of citizenship.
For the purposes of this article, the primary axis of the umbo (the y-axis) is defined as the direction perpendicular to the tympanic membrane.
founded a national observatory in Paris on the summer solstice in 1667, intent on shifting the world's primary meridian eastward so that it coincided with the observatory's primary axis.
The patent dispute involved a key feature of articulated arm coordinate measurement machines, the ability to rotate the primary axis indefinitely without encountering a hard stop.
You have a 20-year-old patient with a first-break primary Axis I psychotic disorder.