postcentral gyrus

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Noun1.postcentral gyrus - the convolution of parietal lobe that is bounded in front by the central sulcus
central gyrus - either of two gyri on either side of the central sulcus
parietal cortex, parietal lobe - that part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying below the crown of the head
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Sensory afferents influence M1 either directly through the intracortical connections between the primary sensory cortex (S1) and M1 or through thalamocortical pathways that reach M1 (14,15).
Despite its central location between the sensory periphery and the primary sensory cortex, the functional role of the thalamus in sensory processing is still largely unknown.
Recently, Bogdanov, Smith, and Frey (2012) used imaging studies to demonstrate that hand amputation induces substantial reorganization of the primary sensory cortex (S1), and the effects of deafferentation increase with time.