Prime figure

(Geom.) a figure which can not be divided into any other figure more simple than itself, as a triangle, a pyramid, etc.

See also: Prime

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Stambolov was a prime figure during the political discussions between Liberals and Conservatives at the time of the first Bulgarian parliament - "The Founding Great Assembly" in 1879.
Fondu is credited for having been a prime figure in leading L'Oreal's growth and success in the U.S.
He was emotional during the anthems and an inspiration when the battle began, securing line-out possession, cajoling his team-mates at the scrum, working tirelessly in the loose and being a prime figure in the successful implementation of operation choke tackle.
1994 Prime figure in the IRA ceasefire after the historic Downing Street declaration a year earlier.
ISLAMABAD -- The prime figure in recent crore rupees worth of fraud committed against Catholic Resource Services (CRS) has managed to decamp; while the NGO has fired the honest, loyal employee who exposed the fraud.
A group of men chanted "Interior Ministry thugs" and "Leave Sisi, it's your last day," -- referring to Armed Forces Chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a prime figure in the overthrow.
He points to a comment from attorney David Yerushalmi, the man who has drafted much of the anti-Sharia legislation floating around the country and the prime figure in promoting the issue.
Aren Maeir is the prime figure for the work at Tell Es-Safi (Gath) and has made a strong case for a ninth-century referent.
He was a prime figure as Wolves won the Championship title that season and made significant contributions in the past two campaigns as Wolves maintained their top-flight status.
A stable new arrangement can result from the addition of 6 balls- 3 on each side (top and bottom) making an object of 13 balls- a new prime figure. Further 6 balls can be put symmetrically secured on top and bottom to give an object of 19 balls.
Incidentally, these animated caricatures were projected on the occasion of Valentine's Day in Patna, the home town to the prime figure in the animated films.
Rule the universe with the Optimus Prime figure that features Advanced Automorph Technology