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Noun1.Primulaceae - a dicotyledonous family of the order Primulales with a regular flower; widely distributed in the northern hemisphere
dicot family, magnoliopsid family - family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
order Primulales, Primulales - Primulaceae; Theophrastaceae; Myrsinaceae; and (in some classifications) Plumbaginaceae
genus Primula - very large and important genus of plants of temperate Europe and Asia having showy flowers
Anagallis, genus Anagallis - chiefly Old World herbs
Centunculus, genus Centunculus - a dicotyledonous genus of the family Primulaceae
genus Cyclamen - genus of widely cultivated flowering Eurasian herbs with centrally depressed rounded tubers and rounded heart-shaped leaves
genus Glaux, Glaux - sea milkwort
genus Hottonia, Hottonia - aquatic herbs
genus Lysimachia, Lysimachia - loosestrife: a cosmopolitan genus found in damp or swampy terrain having usually yellow flowers; inclined to be invasive
genus Samolus, Samolus - genus of herbs usually growing in salt marshes: water pimpernels
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Families sorted by species richness Familia Especies Generos Fabaceae 14 11 Rubiaceae 5 2 Euphorbiaceae 3 2 Myrtaceae 3 1 Bignoniaceae 3 3 Primulaceae 3 2 Polygonaceae 3 3 Ebenaceae 2 1 Erythroxylaceae 2 1 Salicaceae 2 1 Capparaceae 2 2 Anacardiaceae 2 2 Sapindaceae 2 2 Apocynaceae 1 1 Combretaceae 1 1 Menispermaceae 1 1 Malvaceae 1 1 Celastraceae 1 1 Aristolochiaceae 1 1 Sapotaceae 1 1 Malpighiaceae 1 1 Rhamnaceae 1 1 Verbenaceae 1 1 Total 56 43 CUADRO 3 Analisis de valor de importancia relativa (VIR) TABLE 3 Analysis of relative importance value (RIV) Densidad Densidad absoluta Area basal relativa Especies # ind.
Habitat: A herbaceous perennial member of the Primulaceae family, growing to about 30cm in meadows and open woodland in Europe and West Asia.
We recorded a relatively low consumption of herbaceous plants (other than Graminaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae), such as Ranunculaceae, Primulaceae, Umbrelliferae, Leguminosae and Compositae (Table 3), perhaps due to the low palatability of these species during the study period.
occurs in about 500 species in the families Primulaceae and Rubiaceae,
As familias botanicas com maior abundancia foram Euphorbiaceae (320 individuos) e Moraceae (289) seguidas de Lauraceae (161), Meliaceae (157), Sapindaceae (108), Myrtaceae (84) e Primulaceae (82), perfazendo 80,28% das arvores.
00 Carlisle Primula officinalis or Cowslip is a deep yellow flower in the genus Primula of the family Primulaceae.
We report here the biological investigation of Cyclamen africanum Boiss & Reut which is a perennial plant [2] endemic to the North of Africa [4], belongs to the family of primulaceae [12].
Familia Primulaceae Espuela de caballero Jacquinia aculeata Arbusto Ant (L.
Asclepiadaceae, Brassicaceae, Convolvulaceae, Fumariaceae, Geraniaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Oxalidaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Polygonaceae, Primulaceae, Ranunculaceae, Sapindaceae, Verbenaceae and Zygophyllaceae had one species each (Table 1).
X Potamogeton zosteriformis Fernald X PRIMULACEAE (Primrose Family) Anagallis minima (L.
Virginia H, J N 3208 spring-beauty] PRIMULACEAE Samolus valerandi L.