Norodom Sihanouk

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Norodom Sihanouk

(ˌnɒrəˈdɒm ˈsiːənʊk)
(Biography) See Sihanouk

No•ro•dom Si•ha•nouk

(ˈnɔr əˌdɒm ˈsi əˌnʊk, -dəm)
Prince, born 1922, Cambodian statesman: premier 1952–60; chief of state 1960–70 and 1975–76.
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Sarin remembers that when Lon Nol led a coup to remove Prince Sihanouk as the head of the state in 1970, many local scholars were delighted because of Sihanouk's increasingly close relations with China and the communist bloc.
1990 - Prince Sihanouk returns to Cambodia after 11 years in exile.
Once upon a (dinner) time, I sort of hinted to Ma'am that maybe she should allow Sir a 'Few moments of R and R,' considering there are those like Prince Sihanouk who would have as many as 20 'diversiones.
Tarling points out that throughout this turbulent and confusing period the British government and Prince Sihanouk actually shared a broad general diagnosis of the region's long-term future and how best to approach it: sooner or later the Western military and political position in mainland Southeast Asia would become untenable, China's influence would rise in its stead, and regional powers would be well advised to plan accordingly; for Cambodia this meant pursuing its own policy of neutralism and lobbying for the wider neutralisation of its immediate region.
In which country did Prince Sihanouk become king in 1941?
Duan probably didn't mention secret agreements he had recently reached with Prince Sihanouk allowing them to station troops inside Cambodia and move supplies through the kingdom while "agreeing to honor Cambodia's frontiers.
Prince Sihanouk attempted to keep Cambodia neutral and denied the Viet Minh permission to use Cambodian territory, which denial they proceeded to ignore.
Prince Sihanouk, after negotiating Cambodia's independence from French colonialism in 1953, embarked upon a national modernisation programme that was invested with symbolic significance.
Using Sihanouk as a figurehead, the Khmer Rouge was increasingly successful in its struggle against the US-backed government by giving Cambodians the illusion that it would restore Prince Sihanouk to power.
Prince Sihanouk was put under virtual house arrest.
1991: Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia returned to Phnom Penh after nearly 13 years in exile.
As Prince Sihanouk, he was prime minister for various periods from 1955 and was elected head of state in 1960.

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