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a.1.Without a prince.
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Some engaging racing then saw a dead-heat in heat three between Seamus Gaughan's Princeless Bolt and Paul Hebbs' Westmead Atiya (28.
Princeless Book One: Save Yourself by Jeremy Whitley
It included Ms Pac-man, Tomb Raider, King's Quest: The Princeless Bride, Belle's Quest, and Pocohontas.
The characters in King's Quest: The Princeless Bride are equally endearing in their own way.
Aside from being an excellent quest game, The Princeless Bride reverses the tradition of a princess who waits for someone to rescue her.
In Princeless, Volume 3: The Pirate Princess, Adrienne, disguised as a knight, rescues Raven Xingtao from her tower prison.
The adventures of unconventional princess Adrienne continue in Princeless Book Two: Get over Yourself by Jeremy Whitley and Emily Martin.
I had the opportunity to email Jeremy Whitley and Emily Martin and ask them a few questions about working on Princeless.
KK: Is there anything you hope readers can take from Princeless, aside from a great story?
Jeremy Whitley's Princeless tells the story of Princess Adrienne, whose royal parents lock her up in a tower when she turns sixteen.