Princess Diana

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Noun1.Princess Diana - English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles; her death in an automobile accident in Paris produced intense national mourning (1961-1997)
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Princess Diana was looking forwardA to returningA to London to be with her sons just before aA fatal car crash in Paris took her life.
Psychic Jayne Wallace recently told ( Express that she spoke with Princess Diana's spirit and was told that the Duchess of Sussex will have a baby girl shortly after her first child is born.
Princess Diana and Elton John were once good friends.
Princess Diana was reportedly more hands-on with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, than Prince Charles was with them.
People often compare Kate Middleton to the late Princess Diana because of her charisma, fashion sense and parenting style.
Princess Diana has reportedly delivered a warning to Meghan Markle ahead of her baby's birth.
A book written about Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana's relationship revealed that Prince Charles and Princess Diana saw each other after the finalization of their divorce in 1996.
Prince Harry and Princess Diana adorably competed in a sports day event several years ago.
Prince William, on the other hand, also embodies some of Princess Diana's qualities but in a much quieter fashion.
Princess Diana previously talked about the pressures of giving birth to her eldest child, Prince William.
Princess Diana previously worked as a nanny before she joined the royal family.
Princess Diana and Prince Charles were never right for each other, claims a body language expert.