a.1.Like a princess.
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Bell chose an ice-gray strapless dress by the designer, saying "I wanted something dramatic and ice princesslike because I'm here for 'Frozen.
As the models floated down the catwalk, princesslike in their diaphanous, glittering white gowns and tiaras, the gasps were audible.
So when my four-year-old daughter became obsessed with all things princesslike about a year ago I was a little mortified.
The modern American incarnation of the quinceanera can be an outrageous production with a six-figure budget, themed cruises, and a profusion of anything pink and princesslike.
Adventures on Rainbow Pond," Follow the friendship, escapades and adventures of two frogs, the impoverished Jonathon Jumper and princesslike Hillary Hopper.
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