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Noun1.principal sum - capital as contrasted with the income derived from it
capital - wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value
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These, it seemed, were calculations of compound interest on what he called 'the principal amount of forty-one, ten, eleven and a half', for various periods.
The 2023 notes were priced to investors at 100 percent of their principal amount and will mature on May 1, 2023.
According to Embraer, the offer resulted in USD 146.4m aggregate principal amount of 2017 notes and USD 337.2m aggregate principal amount of 2020 notes being validly tendered and accepted for exchange for new notes.
1.1275-7T(d)) will apply to inflation-indexed debt instruments when there is no more than a de minimis difference between the debt instruments issue price and its principal amount at issuance, and all stated interest payable on the debt instrument is qualified stated interest.
The debentures were called at 101% of their principal amount plus accrued interest.
The children signed promissory notes under which the $140,000 principal amount was payable in 20 annual installments, with interest at 12+.
Accordingly, the EUR senior notes are EUR500m principal amount of floating rate senior notes due 2021; EUR500m principal amount of 0.125% senior notes due 2021; EUR1.3bn principal amount of 0.750% senior notes due 2023; EUR1.3bn principal amount of 1.500% senior notes due 2027; EUR1bn principal amount of 2.000% senior notes due 2030; and EUR500m principal amount of 2.950% senior notes due 2039.
30, LIN had received tenders from holders of$29,426,000in aggregate principal amount of the Notes, representing approximately 7.36% of the total outstanding principal amount.
On September 21, 2016, Pemex issued USD2,000,000,000 aggregate principal amount of its 4.625 percent notes due 2023 and USD2,000,000,000 aggregate principal amount of its 6.750 percent bonds due 2047 in a concurrent offering.
Pharmaceutical company Mylan NV (Nasdaq:MYL)(TASE:MYL) disclosed on Tuesday that it has priced a private placement of USD6.5bn aggregate principal amount of senior notes.
to issue USD225 million aggregate principal amount of new senior secured convertible notes due 2018 in exchange for, in the aggregate, USD40.5 million principal amount of the 2020 Notes, USD106.9 million principal amount of the 2022 Notes, USD97.0 million principal amount of the 2023 Notes and USD91.4 million principal amount of the 2025 Notes