Principal challenge

that which the law allows to be sufficient if found to be true.
(Law) See under Challenge.

See also: Challenge, Principal

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These macro factors have been the principal challenge not the Maplin brand or its market differentiation.
These macro factors have been the principal challenge, not the Maplin brand or its market differentiation.
Job creation will remain a principal challenge for Rouhani's government.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 25, 2017-Students Compete for USD 5,500 in Prizes in Principal Challenge in Analytics Innovation
The principal challenge could be the regulatory environment.
Il a ajoute que le principal challenge de TUNISAIR, est d'assurer la rentabilite de cette ligne tout au long de l'annee " Ceci est tributaire de la reussite de la saison hivernale qui se caracterise par une dynamique du marche touristique canadien, vu que les touristes canadiens preferent voyager au cours de la periode allant de septembre a mars.
The principal challenge to this hypothesis is that empirical evidence appears to show that the rise in wage inequality--particularly the increase in top wages--has actually sustained the labor share, not diminished it.
Sectarian conflict is the principal challenge to stability.
One hundred years ago, the principal challenge of world diplomacy, which failed spectacularly, was to peacefully integrate a rising, restless power -- Germany -- into the international system.
My principal challenge is to confront the repressive apparatus each day, to grow within the repression, to evade government censorship and fill the news pages without fail.
As you all are well aware, the principal challenge in legislating any telecommunications matter before this Committee is the rapid pace with which industry evolves and the desire to not stand in the way of innovation, job growth and the delivery of new services to consumers.
McWatters, President Obama's choice for a Republican to replace NCUA Board Member Michael Fryzel, said the principal challenge is to look to the future and anticipate the next systemic shock to the financial system.

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