Principal ray

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(Persp.) the line drawn through the point of sight perpendicular to the perspective plane.

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"We'd like to offer more competitive rates and coverages that cater to the individual needs of each client we serve," states Agency Principal Ray Marten.
HENLEY College principal Ray Goy is retiring at the end of July after 15 years at the helm.
Zamperini visited Eugene at the invitation of North Eugene High School Principal Ray Hendrickson and Vice Principal Bob Newland, Faust said.
In general, these two rays of light will not be imaged at the same point on the image plane as the principal ray. This causes defocus blur to occur [12].
College principal Ray Linforth said: "Alongside being a fun, lifestyle app for wine enthusiasts, Wine Find will be a useful educational teaching tool to help hospitality students improve their knowledge and ultimately enhance their confidence when advising diners and creating menus.
The photodiodes are oriented relative to the entrance aperture so that the principal ray of incoming radiation strikes each diode once at a 45[degrees] angle of incidence and then reflects from the concave mirror back again onto the photodiodes in reverse order.
Pte Lynch's former school principal Ray Watson said: "We are great Jessie people - this whole country is Jessica people - we donit like anyone to say anything bad about her.
College principal Ray Dowd said: ``We call upon all those legitimate and honourable dealers of architectural antiques to look out for these articles,or anyone else who knows the wherabouts of the items to contact the police.''
"With $100 million, they could probably open up an endowment instead of holding weekend car washes." Principal Ray Shurson called the stunt "creative and funny, a prank I can live with."
Last night, principal Ray Dowd said all agreed procedures were being followed.
Certificates and awards were presented at Coventry Cathedral by John Harwood, chief executive of the Learning and Skills Council Coventry and Warwickshire, following speeches by college principal Ray Goy and chair of governors Val Davis.
* Business Valuation Services of Dallas - principal Ray A.
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