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n.1.A shop where prints are sold.
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He had just jumped to his feet, hurried past Will Henderson who was reading proof in the printshop and started to run along the alleyway.
He was standing by himself at a printshop window, with his hands behind him, in earnest contemplation of some print, and she not only might have passed him unseen, but was obliged to touch as well as address him before she could catch his notice.
The intent of this bid is to purchase a Bookletmaker and Collator for the Chesapeake Public Schools Printshop in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions of the bid.
Full service color printshop, specializing in services for realtors, business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.
Waldstreicher's analysis is too densely packed to summarize, but he traces Benjamin Franklin's every intersection with the reality or the issue of slavery from the beginning of his working career as a printshop apprentice in the 1720s, to the end of his life when he functioned as a statesman in the 1780s.
Lower East Side Printshop has signed a 10-year, 6,681 s/f lease at 307 W.
To do that, she uses PrintShop ProPublisher by Broderbund.
In conformity with this twisted view of the Charter, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled in 2000 that Scott Brockie, an evangelical Protestant and printshop owner in Toronto, has a right to hold his religious beliefs on homosexual sin, but has no right to act on those beliefs, by refusing to print materials for the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, whose explicit purpose is to promote pride in gay sexual behaviour.
Con Printshop Photo de Luxe es posible hacer efectos fotograficos de manera profesional, con aplicaciones graficas como eliminacion de ojos rojos y rayones, retoque, distorsion, copiado y realce.
Our married life has been anything but rubbish and he now works in a printshop and smells a little sweeter.
3DGreetings will join TLC's existing portfolio of web sites, which includes Printshop.
I visit the mailroom, the printshop, the basement workshop.