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n.1.A shop where prints are sold.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He was standing by himself at a printshop window, with his hands behind him, in earnest contemplation of some print, and she not only might have passed him unseen, but was obliged to touch as well as address him before she could catch his notice.
He had just jumped to his feet, hurried past Will Henderson who was reading proof in the printshop and started to run along the alleyway.
Brian has been teaching for almost four decades and his contribution to the Printshop Lane school was underlined by the mass effort by his colleagues to get him recognised with the accolade.
Tickets are priced PS12.50 available online via: and also from Mojo King, Central Market, Cardiff, FJs Printshop, Pontypridd, and Second Time Around Records, Tonypandy.
I-download ito at tumungo sa printshop.' We started with two tarps for each, not to drape the streets like you-know-who, but for gate and fence.
Peter Overbeek, CEO of the Dutch printing company Eshuis, concluded the plenary session with a story sharing Eshuis' experiences with the implementation of connectivity to the printshop.
Called the Paint Factory, the complex is also home to 12 Star Flats, Cathead's Diner, the Printshop and a community room called the Mixing Room.
TruColor will onboard all Greenville Office Supply printshop employees, according to a news release.
Singapore Airlines has announced the first of seven of the ultra long range Airbus A350 XWB has left the printshop in the carrier's distinctive livery, the company said.
represented the landlord, Seven Mile Land Holdings LLC, in the lease of 2,500 square feet of flex space at 4540 Rivers Ave., Unit M, to Aqua Printshop LLC.
Mohammed Mokhtar, a printshop owner in downtown Cairo, told Arab News he had taken on several new staff since the election campaign began.