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Noun1.Prionotus - a genus of TriglidaePrionotus - a genus of Triglidae      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Triglidae, Triglidae - in some classifications restricted to the gurnards and subdivided into the subfamilies Triglinae (true sea robins) and Peristediinae (armored sea robins)
northern sea robin, Prionotus carolinus - large searobin; found from Nova Scotia to Florida
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To finish with the zoology: the fifteen kinds of sea-fish which I procured here are all new species; they belong to twelve genera, all widely distributed, with the exception of Prionotus, of which the four previously known species live on the eastern side of America.
En relacion a los generos, Prionotus Lacepede, 1801 con seis especies fue el mejor representado.
The VA WEA had higher proportions of spotted hake (Urophycis regia), Prionotus spp., Etropus spp., Pagrus spp., gastropods, bivalves, and brachyuran crabs (Fig.
Funcionalidade de hidrolisados proteicos de cabrinha (Prionotus punctatus) obtidos a partir de diferentes proteases microbianas.
Shallow and deep-demersal species of temperate and tropical affinity such as Prionotus ruscarius, Hippoglossina stomata, and Merlucius productus were included in this group (Figure 6(c)).
Spotted seatrout Cynoscion nebulosas 235.0 Seabass (genus) Diplectrum 232.9 Tomtate Haemulon aurolineatum 229.4 Orange filefish Aluterus schoepfi 227.7 Spinner shark Carcharhinus brevipinna 223.2 Spinycheek scorpionfish Neomerinthe hemingwayi 222.5 Crab (genus) Callinectes 46.8 Clearnose skate Raja eglanteria 35.7 Sheepshead Archosargus probatocephalus 210.3 Rock shrimp discards Sicyonia discards 30.7 Scalloped hammerhead Sphyrna lewini 127.4 Cobia Rachycentron canadum 192.9 Twospot flounder Bothus robinsi 196.2 Leopard searobin Prionotus scitulus 191.6 Blacknose shark Carcharhinus acronotus 174.0 Bluespotted searobin Prionotus roseus 172.0 Sculptured mud crab Micropanope sculptipes 171.0 Penaeid shrimp Penaeus spp.
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Prionotus punctatus CIUA 18 RICHARDS, 2002.
Sensory capabilities of the modified fins of squirrel hake (Urophycis chuss) and searobins (Prionotus carolinus and P.